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We recognize the importance of a client-centered healthcare experience.  This inspires us to create strong and long-lasting bonds with each patients. It is a privilege to serve the community of Carmel and Indianapolis area by providing quality regenerative and chiropractic care through sound advice and responsible diagnoses and procedures.


Introducing the HIS Shot™ and HER Shot™

This revolutionary minimally invasive procedure uses PRP therapy to restore sexual function and urinary health for both men and women.  Many patients enjoy instant results that last for years.


Available Services

Help your body recover from traumatic injury and restore mobility through chiropractic alignment of spine or maintain good alignment as part of a healthier lifesystyle.

Relieve back pain through non-surgical spinal decompression.  Promote pain relief and healing by removing pressure from spinal disks and nerves by gently stretching the spine. 

Activate regenerative healing in your body to reduce chronic pain and restore health innovative uses of PRP and Wharton's Jelly. 

Use patient specific formulas to replace hormones that decrease as you age to relieve common age related health issues. 

Restore sexual or urinary function using PRP therapy through this minimally invasive procedure for men or women.

Avoid negative side effects of chronic use of pain killers with this non-invasive pain therapy using the Calmare® device for treatment of chronic neuropathic and oncologic pain. 

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